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IMMEDIATE START We are looking for Traffic Management Operatives to work for one of our major contracts in the Penrith area. You will be part of a team that directs traffic through private land and ensures that cars flow freely in and out of the complex. This is working outside and will require you to wear PPE at all times. No experience is? necessary. We can remotely train people in their TTMBC qualification and Banksman qualification. If you already hold one or both of these tickets then you would not have to re-sit this qualification. The shift pattern is 12 days on, 2 days off. Hours are 8 hours per day between 7am and 5pm. Please email your contact details and location to cpm@smarttm.co.uk and we can look at booking you on the next available online course for this position.
Cumbria, England
Accounting, Banking and Finance

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