Looking for a room to rent, Bristol, England

Looking for a room to rent, Bristol, England

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Looking for a room to rent

BS1 6
Hello everyone, my names Jake obviously and I?m looking to find somewhere closer to the city centre around April, earlier is sound. I don?t really care where the gaff is at as long as it doesn?t take me 3 hours to walk back to when the 75 decides not to turn up. Would prefer living with people around my age(21) as it would be nice to get a sack of? tinnys in on a Tuesday night with everyone but it doesn?t have to be that specific. Can?t really be arsed to type about my hobbies and interests so bell me if you want that info :) Yeah if you?ve got any questions, of course I?ll be happy to answer them. Get @ me.
Bristol, England
$ 550 GBP

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